5 Features Home Buyers Are The Most Excited About This Year

5 Features Home Buyers Are The Most Excited About This Year

  • Sammy Kohn
  • 01/10/22
Are you looking to sell your home? Before you list it, you should take a quick look around to see what updates would help your house fly off the market. Every homeowner dreams of one day selling their property above the list price and with minimal effort. While there’s not a magic button, there are a few home features that every buyer is dreaming about.

Here Are Five Upgrades Worth Considering if You Want to Maximize Interest and Excitement.

1. Curb Appeal

First impressions are lasting impressions, which is why curb appeal matters so much to buyers. Good curb appeal will catch a viewer’s eye and help them to picture themselves living in the home. You’ll want your property to have an impact and encourage them to walk inside.
If you’re on a budget, prioritize general cleaning and maintenance of the yard, bushes, and trees. Lay down mulch and plant some flowers for a pop of color. This update should cost you less than $1000 and can have a massive impact on a buyer’s perception of the property. If you have a larger budget, you should consider updating the home’s exterior.
Of the five remodeling projects that offer the highest return on investment (ROI), four relate to exterior renovations. Installing a manufactured stone veneer or a new garage door will allow you to boost curb appeal and recoup over 90% of the original project cost.

2. Updated Appliances

It’s no surprise, but people love to see shiny and new upgrades. Specifically, they look for stainless steel kitchen appliances and energy-efficient features. Checking any of these boxes will automatically make your home more appealing to buyers. The truth is that people buy with their eyes, which means you can purchase the inexpensive models and you’ll see the same benefits as long the part.
If you are looking to market your home as energy-efficient, you can use the same logic, but you should ensure that all appliances have an Energy Star rating to back up your claims.

3. Bonus Spaces

The worldwide pandemic caused people to reevaluate their living spaces. Now more than ever, buyers are searching for houses that offer bonus rooms. A dedicated laundry area, workout room, or home office will make your house stand out. If you don’t already have space, you can build a sunroom or addition to expand your property’s available footprint. Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a building permit approved before you can begin construction.
When it’s time to show your property, you can rent staging furniture to help buyers imagine how they can use the extra room.

4. New Roofing

Whenever someone is buying a pre-owned home, there’s an element of risk and uncertainty that’s unavoidable. An inspection offers only a limited amount of insight, and buyers must cover the cost of any future issues they uncover. Therefore, learning that the property has a new roof — or one that was recently installed — will offer a tremendous amount of relief.
While roof replacement is a substantial investment, it offers an average ROI of over 60%. Plus, if you aren’t ready to sell, you can enjoy the upgrade for a few years too.

5. Outdoor Oasis

People love having an outdoor area to relax or host parties. A fire pit, patio area, or deck are great selling points. If you have a larger budget, an outdoor kitchen will also catch the buyer’s attention. 
Make sure to evaluate the space you have to work with and maximize your budget and outdoor footprint.

Top Home Features That Add Value

These five home features will make any potential buyer excited to view your listing. While it might be tempting to list it in its current condition, remember that time is money. You want to make your property competitive on the market, and the best way to do that is by creating characteristics that buyers will love. If the upgrades on this list were out of your price range, consider updates that you wish were different.
You’ll need to keep an open mind when remodeling your property. Classic designs and neutral colors may not match your personal style, but you should follow your real estate agent’s direction.

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