Amazing Facts About Your House You Never Knew

Amazing Facts About Your House You Never Knew

  • Sammy Kohn
  • 03/5/22
The average person spends the better part of their life at home, but many people still know remarkably little about the space that occupies so much of their money and time. 

1. Your House Has Nearly a Third of a Million Items in It

According to a report, the average American home contains about 300,000 individual items, from furniture to office supplies.

2. That Space Under Your Lower Cabinets Serves a Very Specific Purpose

There is a reason your lower cabinets are lifted and protrude slightly – and it is no just aesthetic. It is called a toe kick and it is there so you can stand closer to the countertop while working. Two inches may not seem like much, but it is just enough when combined with your countertop overhang to keep you from having to lean your upper body forward while working.

3. The Cabinet Under Your Sink Isn’t Really for Storage

While you’ll likely find assorted cleaning products under the kitchen and bathroom sinks in most homes, which is not what the cabinet is for. It is actually designed to be able to access the plumbing in case of leaks. And you might want to keep it that way – or risk damage in the future. Keeping a minimal amount of items under your sink reduces the opportunity for leaks and expensive kitchen and bathroom repairs.

4. Your Brass Doorknobs May Keep You Healthy

The copper in brass has an antibacterial effect, meaning these types of knobs are less likely to harbor harmful bacteria than your average glass or wood ones. Sweat can impair some of its antibacterial properties, so you should make sure you are still cleaning those brass knobs and faceplates frequently.

5. Your Toilet Seat Is Probably Cleaner Than Parts of Your Kitchen

Your toilet seat isn’t the dirtiest part of your home by a long shot. In fact, the study found that the average cutting board has two hundred times more fecal bacteria than the average toilet seat. That is because when you use your knife to chop, you create tiny cuts in the board that are difficult to clean and when you slap a piece of raw meat onto the thing, the bacteria tend to get cozy and stick around.

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