Thinking Of Selling Over The Holidays?

Thinking Of Selling Over The Holidays?

  • Sammy Kohn
  • 03/4/22
Selling your home during the holidays is possible, but you’ll have to contend with jam-packed calendars for parties, errands, and the other holiday things that take up so much of other people’s resources and time. Remember that this time of the year can be very personal for some people so although you want your home to spread holiday cheer, you will want it to stay a bit neutral. Here are 8 of our home styling tips for attracting buyers during the holidays!

Start with a Clean Slate for Staging

The last thing home buyers want is to feel like they are taking your home away from you this time of the year so you better clear the home of personal clutter and things. Less clutter will make the home feel more spacious too!

Choose to Be Neutral

You may love displaying your nativity scene but it can seem too much for someone else who doesn’t share your faith. Choose more neutral decorations for the holidays like a nutcracker, pine ones with red ribbons, or bells. No one would be offended by these!

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Cozy Vibe

Welcome potential home buyers with a hot beverage, some seasonal treats, and a welcoming evergreen wreath on your door. Have a fire lighted in the fireplace too when it’s snowing outside.

Accentuate Your Selling Points

A beautiful front door will get more attention with a wreath, an arched doorway is perfect for hanging some mistletoe, and a spacious ledge would look nice displaying something seasonal. It’s the details that help sell a home.

Be Sure Your Holiday Décor Complements Existing Ones
Silver and blue ornaments would seem out of place in a home sporting earth tones as a color palette; you have to ensure that you pick decorating pieces that would work well with your style. An earth-tone or neutral home would look great with greens, golds, and cranberry red.

Be Tree Smart

The last thing you want is for your tree to dwarf the rest of the room it is in by taking too much space. Sure a tall tree can show off high ceilings but you have to be sure to balance things out. If this is the case, choose one that is skinnier and taller than a traditional tree, and don’t go overboard with the ornaments.

Mind Your Lights

Outdoor holiday lighting may be someone’s a thing but remember that you have to thread the line between garish and festive when staging a home during the holidays. Stay away from inflatable light-up figures and choose basic string lights that you can use to light up shrubs, trees, and your home’s outline.

Stay Classy

When it comes to staging a home for selling during the holidays, less is oftentimes more. Remember that your cherished decorating pieces mean nothing to potential buyers and may be seen as clutter or ‘tacky décor’ by some. Keep it light so potential buyers can envision their own things in your space.
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